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Join us January 4th to the 24th for our annual 21 day fast. This year's theme is "Free To Be Me". The enemy has caused many Christian men and women to live inauthentic lives because of a lack of self acceptance. Purpose cannot be fulfilled when we reject the person that God has created us to be because God only assigns destiny to our authentic self, not to the people that we pretend to be.


During this 21 day fast, we will teach on the 21 keys to self acceptance so you can learn how to unashamedly embrace your authentic self and step into the plan of God for your life.

We will also pray for your needs so send us your prayer requests to we can believe God with you for breakthrough. Come prepared to be encouraged, challenged and empowered to take 2021 by the throat!

Goal of Fasting and the types of fasts

The goal of fasting is intimacy with God and clarity in hearing His voice. Biblical fasting always has to do with eliminating distractions for a spiritual purpose; laying down the pleasures of earth to take up the pleasure of heaven. It also enables us to recognize the goodness of God and align our hearts with His.

Your fast should present a level of challenge, but it is very important to know your body, your options, and, most importantly, to seek God in prayer and follow what the Holy Spirit leads you to do.

 This year, we will be fasting food. Feel free to abstain from other things such as social media, video games, TV well if you'd like but the main sacrifica should be food.


There are different types of food fasts in the Bible:


Complete Fast

In this type of fast, you drink only liquids, typically water with light juices as an option. It is important to drink much more water that you usually do during the day. We suggest one ounce for your bodyweight. So if you weight 150 pounds, your goal would be 150 ounces. This is for anyone that is medically able. Still, if you are new to fasting food we would suggest you check out the Daniel Fasts and Partial Fasts to get acquainted with this discipline.


Daniel Fast

In this type of fast you remove meat, sweets, and bread from your diet and consume water and juice for fluids and fruits and vegetables for food. This is also called a ‘selective fast.’

Partial Fast

This fast is sometimes called the “Jewish Fast” because in scripture the Jewish people would often not eat from “sun up to sun down,” and involves abstaining from eating any type of food in the morning and afternoon.

Another example of a partial fast is choosing to abstain from food for a certain meal. For example, maybe you could choose to fast breakfast and lunch but still have dinner with your family.

If you are new to fasting food, we would suggest starting with this one and maybe fasting one meal a day.

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