T.A.M.A.R Mentorship Program

Mentorship program for men, women,

boys and girls (12-18 years old)

What is mentorship to you?

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"Mentoring means using the best part of yourself to help another see and become the best that they can be"

Esther Burroughs, Coral Gables, Florida

Boys in Football Uniform

"A mentor is like a coach who guides their player on the field so they can make the touchdown without being knocked down."

Leontine Osuagwu, Yardley Pennsylvania

Man with Sweatshirt

"A mentor is a trusted guide, counselor, tutor, or coach."

Donna Otto, Scottsdale, Arizona

Girls in Black

"Walking along side another and providing guidance, care and wisdom"

Leontine Osuagwu, Yardley Pennsylvania

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"One with wisdom, knowledge and experience greater than the one with whom the wisdom is shared who guides, accepts and holds accountable another."

Lynna Rea Winkler, Springhill Louisiana

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Purpose of the mentorship relationship:
 To enhance intimacy with God,

 To find your ultimate identity and unique voice.
 To recognize God‘s action in the mentee‘s life.
 To develop character.
 To discern God‘s direction in decision-making.
 To help make life-changing decisions.

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                      You are a good fit for our program.....

 If you desire spiritual growth and maturity.

 If you are open to learn and ready to submit to a mentor. 

 If you are willing to be vulnerable in sharing intimate issues of your life.
 If you are responsive and respectful to directives.

If you are willing to invest time and money to the mentorship process.


6 months or 12 months


Monthly Virtual sessions 

Length of session

One 60 minute session/month



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Benefits of our program:

1 hr 1 on 1 mentorship call/month

Discounted tickets to workshops and programs 

Opportunity to become a mentor at the end of the program

Spiritual maturity and confidence to fulfill purpose

Prayer, community, support

Volunteer opportunities at our events

Discounted counseling, coaching sessions and products from Osuagwu Unlimited Inc.

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